Key Features LeaseControl - Maxwell GeoServices
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Key Features

Built by industry, for industry, keeping your needs at the forefront of all developments.


    • Capture endless volumes of data and statistics as your business may require.
    • Customise compliance and finances per class of title, accommodating jurisdictions all over the globe.
    • Automated and verified systems to reduce the risk of human error.
    • Provides systems independent of government registers improves validation and minimises risks.
    • Risk reporting via forecast and commitment vs. actuals.
    • Accommodation of personalised grouping including group reports and expenditure.
    • Interaction with external spatial and financial systems, improving efficiency and accuracy.
    • Sophisticated reporting with customisation capability.
    • Multilingual capabilities.
    • Relevant functionality is duplicated for agreements, allowing greater capture of data for current and future compliance needs.
    • Mentoring available with additional support services, assisting your business to utilise the full capability of LeaseControl specific to your business needs.
    • Multiple licensing and credentials available, to control access to editing and configuration functionality.