Key Features QAQCR - Maxwell GeoServices
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Key Features

Sample Genealogy:  Map sample quality control processes. Select data by project, dataset, laboratory, date range or batch/certificate.


Standard Sample Control Charts:  Chart internal and external standards (reference material), standard type and assay pills samples.  Chart by instance and by date/time.  Plot expected and calculated means, as well as best fit and moving averages.  Plot against 1 to 3 standard deviations, and 95% confidence.  Filter function to subset data.  Plot multiple standards on single chart.


Comparative Assays (Repeats):  Box and Whisker, Scatter, QQ, Thompson-Howarth, %MAPD, AVRD, Precision vs Grade, Stacked or normal bar charts.  Subset data on Drillhole, surface sampling and standards.  Includes a bad repeat rule function.  Results displayed in either normal or log plots.  Filter function to subset data methods.  Insert warning lines.


Particle Size (screen sizing):  Plots summarise the percentage of samples falling below a given particle size.  Check sample prep performance by month or by dataset.


Summary statistics:  Includes basic statistics.


Turnaround Times:   Track sample movement from the field, through the laboratory, as well as accepted and failed samples.


Data Interactivity:  Click on a point on the chart and the associated data is displayed.


Automated QAQC Reporting:  Automatic documents include daily performance reports, out-of-range repeats reports, incoming batch reports.


Use live data:  Connect directly to the assay database.