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LeaseControl | The Year That Was 2017


LeaseControl | The Year That Was 2017

By Lucy Oborn

With 2017 drawing to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what a wonderful time we’ve had with our clients near and far.

Highlights have included:

  • Delivering V1.8.0 – The positive feedback from clients has confirmed that LeaseControl is once again delivering value for money.  A big shout out to the clients that eagerly responded to surveys, phone calls and invitations for meetings.  The consultation process was highly rewarding, and has carried forward to further developments currently underway…
  • Introduction of new services –  We are pleased to have been provided an opportunity to include Auditing to our suite of services.  With our clients operating globally, and the critical nature of data contained within LeaseControl, Auditing addresses a growing concern.  Auditing includes sampling for data accuracy, compliance with best practice and reconciliation against government policy.
  • Free Training Webinars –  More than a dozen webinars are now available to our clients to support ongoing team training and enable clients to capitalise on their LeaseControl investment.  Case studies were taken from around the globe.
  • Preparing for 2018 – We have been speaking with many of our clients regarding the services and products required to support their forward activities.  High on the list is preparing companies for integration of systems through the entire business. Instant data delivery and cross-department reconciliation has become a priority for many businesses and we are very pleased to advise that some exciting developments are underway.  Watch this space!


I would also like to take an opportunity to give a shout out to LeaseControl lead developer Josh Radich.  He has tackled the challenges we have thrown his way with great gusto and amazing insight that delivered highly valued features such as the customisable critical date fields.  Thank you very much Josh – and thank you to our clients that delivered the challenges.

It’s been a most enjoyable 12 months, and please know that I look forward to working with you in 2018!

If you would like more information about LeaseControl, please view our web information here – LeaseControl – or contact Lucy here.

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