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DataShed v4.6.3

We’re excited to introduce DataShed v4.6.3.


Maxwell continues to invest in improving its leading data management environment to aid user productivity and functionality.


Major Enhancements:

  • Significant improvement on opening  time for DataShed
  • Multifile importing from a multi tab/single file Excel spreadsheet now available
  • DataShed pXRF v2.0 extension available – Allows for importing of pXRF data from a csv file into a normalised pXRF assay table.


Other Enhancements/Bug Fixes:

  • Filtering
    • Filtering by “character” fields using single quotes enabled
    • Filtering by “date” enabled
    • The “AND” criteria added on multi query filtering enabled
  • Latest format Micromine files now able to be imported
  • Importing errors now able to be exported to Excel
  • Character fields > 255 in length now exporting correctly
  • Export to csv file allows for both quote and noquote options