New Release Datashed - Maxwell GeoServices
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DataShed V 4.6.2

The latest release of DataShed (v4.6.2) includes a number of feature improvements and enhancements. These include the following:


    • Filter on Sample List against Sample Register, then opening a non-downhole table cause’s error. Fixes filter on Not on Hole List criteria.
    • Grid Transformation decimal place setup configuration being ignore.
    • Call on stored procedure inconsideration of DataShed filtering.
    • Update StripLog to latest version 2.1 and replace Image Loader to Pattern Manager.
    • MDS 4.6 and later Decimal Data Type handling.
    • Added Delete All in Registration Manager >> Extension this function will clear all Unregistered extensions and delete all extensions listed in tblSYSExtensions.
    • Export to Excel, Access, CSV and Datamine Text using Custom Value Filter, Output Type ‘Value’.
    • Cascade filtering not just limited to Downhole tables, it applies to Point Tables filtered field Site_ID, Linear Tables filtered field Line_ID and Face Tables filtered field Site_ID against the Module.
    • Filters also cascades to all tables that belongs to the same Object Type (DRILLHOLE, POINT) even if it belongs to other User Modules.
    • Drill Forms – Add button to reconfigure Drill Forms straight from DataShed.


Provide the option in System Administration >> Local Grids to run the stored procedure for Grid Transformation, Desurvey and Intercept Calculator. Or the DataShed Process.


StripLog version 2.1 included in Install.