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LeaseControl V1.7.3

What’s New:

In LeaseControl V 1.7.3 we have provided enhancements relevant to a broad range of operations, in addition to further enhancements benefitting the West Australian sector following a change to Shire Rates calculations.

Highlights are provided below, noting that a full listing and details (including important instructions) are provided in the attached Release Notes.



Enhancements include (not exclusively):

    • Combined ‘Lease’ and ‘Agreement’ Action viewing: Actions in respect of Leases and Agreements can be viewed from a single browser, streamlining your monitoring and reporting activities.
    • Assigning multiple ‘Irregular Actions’:  Irregular Actions can now be assigned to multiple Leases or Agreements with a single dialogue box – useful for bulk notices.
    • Shire Rates calculation update: Understanding that some local government (or “Shire”) Rates are now calculated using a first year rent value, provision has been made for such calculations, which may be turned on or off as circumstances change.
    • Filtering now available in Agreement Action Browser:   Drawing on enhancements previously made to Leases, in that application of Actions can be filtered for specific Leases, this enhancement has now been extended to Agreements.