New Release LeaseControl - Maxwell GeoServices
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LeaseControl V1.8.0

Maxwell released a new version of their mineral title management software.

The new features capitalise on the existing capabilities of LeaseControl as a global solution.


These features include:

  1. Customised critical dates for Lease/Claim and Agreements

Accommodating global and corporate requirements, users can create fields for moratorium, acquisition, divestment and renewal dates, upon which reports and compliance actions can be based.

  1. Introducing business day Action calculations

Available to Leases/Claims (including Group Report actions) public holidays can be configured to auto-adjust compliance Action dates, effectively reducing risks – particularly for cross-border management.

  1. The Action Builder

Enhances and streamlines the Action configuration process between Leases/Claims, Agreements and Group Actions, providing additional functionality previously only available in Leases/Claims.

  1. Stored expenditure commitment adjustments for Leases

Non-calculable expenditure commitments (or those adjusted from the norm) for multiple years can be stored per Lease, permitting override of configured calculations – reducing manual adjustment on a year-to-year basis.

  1. Multiple groups per Lease

Leases are no longer restricted to belonging to a single Reporting Group, thus supporting environmental, mining, expenditure and other group reporting arrangements.

  1. The new and improved HelpManual

Provides detailed information on uses for various functions and function combinations, links to webinars and troubleshooting information to enhance user experience and independency.