Overview LeaseControl - Maxwell GeoServices
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Maxwell Geoservices is proud to provide you with LeaseControl. LeaseControl is your one-stop- shop for compliance all over the globe, accommodating ever-changing policy on title, environmental, indigenous owner and landholder compliance – just to name a few.


Integration of information and timely reporting are fundamental to all successful mineral and petroleum companies. LeaseControl allows for easy and efficient management of this information through its “Lease” and “Agreements” modules which can be integrated with geological, environmental and financial data.


The flexibility of the system allows clients to use LeaseControl “off the shelf” or to customise for specific requirements such as accommodating corporate compliance, human resources, detailed environmental records or any other need you may have.


The user and their stakeholders’ needs at are the forefront of LeaseControl functionality. All Maxwell Geoservices products can operate as a standalone system, or can be integrated with additional systems as your operations progress, to personalise our services to your needs.