Overview QAQCR - Maxwell GeoServices
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QAQCR is designed to monitor and manage assay/grade quality control in the mining and exploration industry.  Continuous quality control validation against predetermined rules ensure the integrity of the data.


The software allows for real time monitoring of both internal and external QAQC procedures in exploration, mining, environmental and metallurgy.  Monitor QAQC performance for laboratories and internal checks, automated monthly reports, manage grade control QC….all within one simple to use application.


Transparent reporting of geochemical QAQC is a priority in today’s resource industry.  What this means for you and your organisation is that sample collection, sample preparation or laboratory errors can be identified and resolved in the quickest possible time.


    • Comprehensive sampling and assay quality control management system
    • Sample despatch, tracking and reporting
    • Automated laboratory data capture – Automated Assay file loader
    • Assay QC monitoring and analysis
    • Standardised sampling and QAQC reporting
    • pXRF sampling and data capture
    • Simple to implement, and easy to use
    • Simply integrated with DataShed or other assay data management systems


Having access to well managed QAQC procedures provides greater control over assay risk and reduces the overall business risk.