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WebSHED, a cloud based data visualisation and business reporting solution, can be deployed in two environments:


    • With your DataShed database: WebSHED can be deployed on your DataShed database, providing a cloud based in-house data management solution to filter, visualize and report on your data.
    • Maxwell Hosted Data Solutions:  WebSHED is a core component of Maxwell’s hosted data management solution.  This solution is ideal for companies wishing to outsource their data management process, due to a strategic decision, technical reasons, skill shortages, or as an interim solution.


Integrated data.

WebSHED offers a corporation wide, flexible array of data connections. That means you can easily access the data you need to make decisions—regardless of whether you’re a non-technical business user or a hardcore data analyst.



WebSHED provides data visualisation capabilities that rows and columns of data can never have. WebSHED gives you the ability to visualise your data, so that you can clearly make informed decisions.



WebSHED is mobile, it’s available to anyone, anytime, on any supported device. The mobile environment enables you to review information, and actively manage your business, wherever you are.


Enterprise scale.

WebSHED has everyone in the business connected to an integrated dataset, allowing people to ask and find answers to their business questions.  The solution is scalable so it can suite small exploration companies through to large multinational corporations.