Production Module - Maxwell GeoServices
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Production Module

The Production Module is designed to reduce the numerous Excel spreadsheets associated that mining process, and provide a centralised database for consolidated operational reporting. A single platform for reporting from a single point of truth. Production data capture, storage and useability are vital to a Project’s success. Non compliance to daily and weekly schedules and an inability to quickly identify the root causes of issues can be detrimental to the overall Profit/Loss or operation of a Project.


The Production module, which includes all functionality associated with the Geology and Grade Control modules, is designed to capture data related with operational activities associated with Underground and Open Pit mining activities. This database will store information captured by the Resident Manager, Surveyors, Mine Engineers, Plant Processing Personnel, Environmentalist, OHS Personnel and Mine Geologists.


The Production Module stores the following information, in addition to the data collected in the Geology Module:


    • Drill and Blast
    • Material Movement (Stockpile and Haulage)
    • ROM management
    • Location data (Ore Design and Stockpile)
    • Daily trucking and associated trucking factors
    • Crushing and Milling
    • Production Actuals (UG and OP Mining)
    • Financial Monitoring (Budgets, Forecast, Reserve and Resource data)
    • Safety Actuals
    • Environmental Actuals
    • EOM Actual Stockpiles and Materials
    • Financial Costing
    • Reporting and reconciliation


DataShed’s has two modules (Geology and Production) each have Grade Control functionality. These modules are focused on providing a practical solution that connects and integrates all phases of the exploration and mining process. This smart integrated system allows for real time monitoring, analysis and decision making.